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Dr. Rob November 30, 2023

Our main objectives in this stage are:

  • Contact youth/young adult and parent/caregiver 3 to 6 months after last pediatric visit to confirm attendance at first adult appointment.
  • Elicit anonymous feedback from youth/young adult and their parent/caregiver on their experience with the transition process .
  • Communicate with adult practice confirming completion of transfer and offer consultation assistance, as needed. • Build ongoing and collaborative partnerships with adult primary and specialty care clinicians

Transfer Completion

Transfer Completion is the sixth element in the Six Core Elements of Health Care Transition™ (HCT). This includes confirming transfer completion, offering pediatric consultation (as needed), and assessing consumer experience with transition supports. Closing the loop by confirming that the youth/young adult, who has transferred out of pediatric care, has established care with an adult clinician is an essential part of this core element. In addition, evaluating the success of the HCT process, with a mechanism to obtain and incorporate feedback from youth, young adults, and parents/caregivers, will improve the practice’s approach to HCT.

Here is a sample.  An editable version is in the Materials tab on the course home page.