Top 10 Reasons to Sign Up for Free on the 360 SCD Hub App

1. Personalized Health Tracking:

Track your health progress, manage your Sickle Cell Disease more effectively, and see improvements over time with personalized health trackers.

2. Access to Community Support:

Join a supportive community of individuals and families who understand the challenges and triumphs of living with Sickle Cell Disease.

3. Earn HealthEcoins and Badges:

Get rewarded for your active participation and progress. Earn HealthEcoins and badges that you can use within the app for various benefits.

4. Educational Course Tracking:

Dive into our learning academy with extensive courses designed to educate on Sickle Cell Disease management, treatments, and lifestyle adjustments for better health.

5. Interactive Games for Learning:

Enjoy interactive games that make learning about Sickle Cell Disease fun and engaging for all ages.

6. Customized Resource Site Access:

Get customized recommendations for resources, including articles, videos, and research updates tailored to your interests and needs.

7. Discover Places Near You:

Use the “Places Near Me” feature to find healthcare providers, support groups, and events tailored to the Sickle Cell community in your area.

8. Profile Personalization:

Create a personal profile to save your progress, preferences, and interact with the community more meaningfully.

9. Stay Informed with a NewsFeed & Earn SickleSense:

Stay up-to-date with the latest in Sickle Cell Disease research, news, and community stories with access to a tailored NewsFeed.

10. Contribute to a Larger Cause:

By signing up, you’re not just taking control of your health; you’re also contributing to a larger community effort to raise awareness and improve the lives of those affected by Sickle Cell Disease.


Signing up for the 360 SCD Hub App not only provides you with tools and resources tailored to managing Sickle Cell Disease but also connects you with a supportive community.