Living with SCD
Are you Living with Sickle Cell Disease?

Join our new community and connect with education, resources, tools, trackers, SCD Peers and our passionate medical community.

Engage with us and earn your Sickle Sense Healthy Coins as you LEARN, LIVE and SHARE with us to better support and advocate for the entire Sickle Cell Communities.

Free to Use

If you or a loved one is living with Sickle Cell Disease(SCD), then please know that we have the built 360° SCD Hub app, resources and communities for you.

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Medical Communty
Healthcare Workers:
Do you know SCD?

The 360° SCD Hub is designed to help educate and support healthcare workers in a way that helps better support the families and patients living with Sickle Cell Disease. We invite you to join our community today.

Be in the KNOW for SCD

If you are a healthcare worker, across all levels, it is important to understand the basics of Sickle Cell Disease to improve diagnosis and care plans.

Start testing your knowledge and earn your Sickle Sense Healthy Coins!

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General Community
Communities Who Care about SCD

If you are an individual or leader who cares about learning more about Sickle Cell Disease because your friends or loved ones are affected by SCD, or you simply want to be a support our global communities, then please join our 360° SCD Hub to LEARN, LIVE and SHARE with us together.

Increase your Health Literacy or Step up to Volunteer

Get started for free and earn your Sickle Sense Coins and badges along your learning journey in the 360° SCD Hub and on-line health academy.

Organizations that serve the SCD families, like the Sickle Cell Foundation of Arizona are always looking for volunteers, so please join the community and connect with those whom you can help.

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