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Dr. Rob November 30, 2023

The objectives of this subject are to:

  • Establish criteria and process for identifying transition-aged youth .
  • Develop process to track receipt of the Six Core Elements, integrating with electronic medical records (EMR) when possible .
  • Tracking and Monitoring Establishing a mechanism to track receipt of the Six Core Elements of Health Care Transition™ (HCT) is the second element in the Six Core Elements. An individual flow sheet within the electronic medical record (EMR) can be used to track when individual transition-aged youth receive each core element. Information from the individual flow sheet can be used to populate a registry and help monitor the extent to which transition-aged youth in the practice/system are receiving recommended HCT services.

Here is an example of an excerpt from a tracking system that can be downloaded and customized for your use.  Go to the Course page and find it in the Materials tab.