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Six Steps to Living Well With Sickle Cell Disease

SCFA_Coach October 13, 2023

Six Steps to Living Well With Sickle Cell Disease

You can live a full life and enjoy most of the activities that other people do. The following tips will help you stay as healthy as possible:

Find good medical care—Sickle cell disease is a complex disease. Good quality medical care from doctors and nurses who know a lot about the disease can help prevent some serious problems. Often, the best choice is a hematologist (a doctor who specializes in blood diseases) working with a team of specialists.

Get regular checkups—Regular health checkups with a primary care doctor can help prevent some serious problems.

Prevent infections—Common illnesses, like influenza, quickly can become dangerous for a person with SCD. The best defense is to take simple steps like washing your hands frequently to help prevent infections. See “Five Tips to Help Prevent Infection” for more information.

Learn healthy habits—Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day and eating healthy food will help to maintain hydration and proper nutrition. People with SCD should maintain a balanced body temperature, getting neither too hot nor too cold. Participating in physical activity to help stay healthy is very important. However, it’s essential that you don’t overdo it, rest when tired, and drink plenty of water.

Look for clinical studies—New clinical research studies occur frequently and these studies might give you access to new medicines and treatment options.

Get support—Find a patient support group or community-based organization that can provide information, assistance, and support.