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How Is Sickle Cell Disease Treated?

SCFA_Coach October 13, 2023

How Is Sickle Cell Disease Treated?

Crisis is an acute problem manifested by pain. Treated for crisis is supportive as explained by your guide above.

The goals of treating SCD are to relieve pain and to prevent infections, eye damage, and strokes. There is no single best treatment for all people with SCD. Treatment options are different for each
person depending on the symptoms. Treatments can include receiving blood transfusions, receiving intravenous therapy (fluids given into a vein), and medications to help with pain.

For severe SCD, a medicine called hydroxyurea might be recommended. Research suggests that hydroxyurea can reduce the number of painful episodes and the recurrence of ACS. It also can reduce hospital stays and the need for blood transfusions among adults who have SCD.