Hello. It’s important to make sure adults that join a practice are integrated into that adult healthcare practice in a successful manner. Hi, I’m Dr. Robert Gillio. I’m a pulmonologist and population health physician. I’ve often been on the receiving end of getting pediatric patients, and sometimes it’s a problem. Other times it’s not. Now, it used to be that a child didn’t live long enough to be able to come into an adult practice. Now people are being diagnosed as an adult with disease they didn’t know they had, or they’re being transitioned as, as youth that are, aging out of the pediatric practice.

In this specific course, we’re going to utilize the six core elements of Healthcare Transitions Implementation Guide, from Got Transmission, got Transition, a HRSA funded, excellent document. a copy of everything we’re talking about is inside of the materials tab on the homepage of this course, probably just above this video.

First of all, this course will and guide will suggest you follow a nine step process of using the implementation guide, creating a senior leadership support within your practice to take on an adult patient, a new adult patient to form a healthcare transition, quality improvement team that can work to, help make sure that that transition goes well. A improvement plan for healthcare transition should be put in place so that the quality improvement team can look at it.

Then once a plan’s in place, raise awareness about those activities and implement the six core elements of a healthcare transition. These include having a transition care and policy guide, tracking and monitoring, orienting to the adult practice, integrating into the adult practice. a guide of taking people through initial visits, making sure those are successful. Then ongoing communication and care. Once this is done, plan for sustainability once a patient’s in the practice and plan for spreading the, success and increasing, being able to pull in more adult patients. And, then in step nine of this process is really out some tips for success. That section of the plan is, quite good. Thank you for trying to, improve your practice with this implementation guide.

Again, use the guide, download it as you go through the course materials. the course materials online are just an introduction to really have you use the online or PDF implementation document.

Thank you.