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Become a Blood Program Leader: What the Host and Red Cross do as a team:

Dr. Rob December 20, 2023

What the Host does

  • Provides a suitable location. A large, open space is best, so we can create separate zones for conducting confidential eligibility assessments and collecting donations.
  • Publicizes the blood drive. The more people who know about your blood drive – both within your organization and in the community – the more donors you can sign up.  
  • Organizes a recruitment committee to recruit donors. Face-to-face requests are the most effective form of recruitment. Don’t do this alone; build a team to help spread the word.  
  • Schedules donors for appointments. Plus, you’ll do follow ups during the drive to ensure donors don’t miss their appointments, and reach out afterward to say thank you.

What the Red Cross Does.

  • Planning Assistance — Your Red Cross representative will work with you to plan and organize the blood drive.
  • Recruitment Tools — We’ll help you determine how many donors you need and how to recruit them, including an online scheduling tools for your donors.
  • Equipment & Supplies —We’ll bring everything we need to your location, set it up and take it down at the end, including snacks and drinks. 
  • Trained Staff — Our staff will confidentially screen donors and collect donations, safely and professionally.

The Red Cross is there to help every step of the way.

There is a toolkit available at their web site with all the resources needed. Here is a screenshot of one of the most useful pages. Here the link to go there


Or use this QR Code to access. It is also in our Materials folder above.