The main objectives of this lesson are:

  • Address any concerns youth/young adult has about transferring to an adult approach to care.
  • Clarify an adult approach to care (shared decision-making, privacy and consent, access to information), adherence to care, preferred methods of communication, and health literacy needs .
  • Conduct self-care skills assessment if not recently completed and discuss young adult’s needs for self-care and how to use health care services .
  • Offer education and resources on needed skills identified through the self-care skills assessment.
  • Review youth/young adult’s health priorities as part of their plan of care .
  • Continue to update and share with youth/young adult their medical summary and emergency care plan .

Are they ready…Empower them to do so now that your staff and you have prepared.

The patient needs the confidence for them to be strong enough to make their own decisions, in life and in their care. Their priorities need to be articulated, taking into account their goals, strengths, and challenges. Advancing their health literacy to the point where they are expert in understanding their disease and implications of their decisions is key.