Here are the main objectives of this lesson:

  • Develop and regularly update the plan of care, including readiness assessment findings, youth/young adults’ goals and prioritized actions, medical summary and emergency care plan, and, if needed, legal documents .
  • Prepare youth/young adult and parent/caregiver for an adult approach to care, including legal changes in decision making and privacy and consent, self-advocacy, and access to information
  • Determine need for decision-making supports for youth/young adult and make referrals to legal resources .
  • Plan with youth/young adult and parent/caregiver for optimal timing of transfer from pediatric to adult specialty care, if needed .
  • Provide linkages to insurance resources, self-care management information, and community support services . • Obtain consent from youth/young adult/parent/caregiver for release of medical information . • Take cultural preferences into account throughout transition planning .

When they are no longer children…

Hopefully, the parents and you, the clinician are guiding the decisions where they will eventually grow up. When the time comes, you have to be ready to change your role as the provider to be sure your patient is ready to take ownership of their role as an adult responsible for their life and health decisions. To be sure your practice and you are ready, please work through the guide in the “Materials” folder of this lesson.