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Lesson 3: Personalizing Your Loved One’s Transition Plan – Families

Dr. Rob November 30, 2023

Personalizing Your Loved One’s Transition Plan

– Developing a Comprehensive Plan of Care

This section delves into the fourth core element: developing a comprehensive plan of care. You’ll learn how healthcare providers create and update this plan, including readiness assessment findings, your loved one’s goals and prioritized actions, medical summaries, emergency care plans, and any necessary legal documents.
Understanding this plan is essential for personalizing your loved one’s transition journey. By the end of this module, you’ll know how to actively participate in creating and maintaining this plan to ensure a seamless transition.

– Preparing for the Transfer of Care
Preparing for the transfer of care is a critical step in the fifth core element. You’ll explore how to get ready for the shift from pediatric to adult care, including legal changes in decision-making, privacy and consent considerations, self-advocacy, and access to information.
You’ll gain insights into what to expect during this transition and how to ensure your loved one is well-prepared for the changes. By the end of this module, you’ll be equipped to navigate this phase of your loved one’s healthcare transition successfully.

– Determining the Need for Decision-Making Support
Some individuals may require additional decision-making support during the transition. This section will help you identify when your loved one might need such support and how to access legal resources or assistance.
You’ll gain insights into assessing your loved one’s capacity for decision-making and understanding the legal aspects involved. By the end of this module, you’ll be proficient in determining when and how to seek additional decision-making support to ensure a smooth transition process.