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Your new baby does NOT have Sickle Cell Disease if it has the trait.

Coach_Kacey December 8, 2023

Sickle cell disease is very serious and can be very painful. Sickle cell disease is a disease of red blood cells. sickle cell disease changes the shape of these red blood cells. those sickle cell trait are protected by normal red blood cells, however they are more affected by high altitude or deep sea level changes to oxygen levels.

Sickle cell trait is usually a very mild condition. Life expectancy for those with sickle cell trait is unchanged. Most people with sickle cell trait never even know that they have it. They carry a Sickle Cell Gene, but they’re normal (A) gene keeps them from getting really sick.

 Millions of people have sickle cell trait and they are fine. They are football players, firefighters, and other very active people who have sickle cell trait.

Sickle cell trait and sickle cell disease are both genetic conditions caused by a mutation in the hemoglobin gene, but they differ in their impact on health. Individuals with sickle cell trait inherit one normal hemoglobin gene and one mutated gene, typically experiencing no significant health problems. The presence of the trait is often asymptomatic, and carriers can lead normal lives without complications.

On the other hand, sickle cell disease results from inheriting two mutated hemoglobin genes, leading to the production of abnormal hemoglobin known as hemoglobin S. This causes red blood cells to become rigid and take on a characteristic sickle shape, leading to a range of health issues, including chronic anemia, pain episodes, and potential organ damage. Sickle cell disease is a more serious and potentially life-threatening condition that requires ongoing medical management and care.