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Step 5: Implement the Six Core Elements of HCT

Dr. Rob December 12, 2023

Start by reviewing each of the Six Core Elements in light of what your assessment reveals and

your decision about what areas to prioritize. Be sure the tools for each of the Six Core Elements

go through a QI process, such as a plan/do/study/act (PDSA) cycle (see QI Primer for more

detail), to ensure the staff, youth, and parents/caregivers have a chance to review, “try out,”

make changes, and approve. Decide how to incorporate tools into clinic work flow and test in a

similar PDSA cycle process so that if the clinician champion is not there, the transition process

still moves forward.

The Implementation Guide for each of the Six Core Elements is organized into the following


I. Purpose, Objectives, and Considerations

II. Quality Improvement Considerations, Tools, and Measurement

III. Sample Tools

IV. Additional Resources

Implementation guides for each of the Six Core Elements can be accessed here.

In addition, the QI Primer contains additional examples and materials. It further outlines how to

use improvement science to improve your transition process.

The QI Primer has the following sections:

I. What is Quality Improvement?

II. Selecting Improvement Projects

III. Successful Teams

IV. The Model for Improvement

V. Measuring for Improvement

VI. Tools for Improvement

VII. Sustaining Improvement

VIII. Spreading Improvement

IX. Health Literacy

X. Co-Production

XI. Resources and References