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Tip 4: Self-Advocacy

Dr. Rob October 27, 2023

Learn to be your own advocate and empower others to do the same. Speak up and ask questions. If it doesn’t seem right, keep asking.

Understand your rights as a patient and caregiver, and be proactive in seeking the best care and resources. Do your research and come in with the rules, print out, law, newspaper article, copy of your insurance policy or other information to discuss or back you up. Bring a family member, friend or community health worker with you if you feel that you need support.

Most larger institutions have patient advocates that are professionals to help when you are confused or the care givers don’t seem to get it or get you.

Effective communication with healthcare providers is key in ensuring your needs are met. You don’t need to be be aggressive, obnoxious, or “in-your-face” to get your point across. The care givers want you to be as healthy and happy as possible. Advocating for yourself can be a pleasant experience for all involved.

Sometimes, working with the care giver can help you come up with solutions that help you do a better job for yourself.


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